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Using Molecules to Create the Future of Programmable Finance

Molecular Future is a one-stop digital asset investment service platform jointly invested by Molecular Group, CHINA FORTUNE (00110.HK), Eagle Fund, HBCC Investment, XBTING Foundation, HCASH Foundation and Collinstar Capital.

The strong ecological support behind the molecular future includes internationally recognized licensed financial practitioners and the earliest digital money investors, well-known international venture capital institutions and hundreds of seed-wheel, angel-wheel and A-wheel start-up companies in various industries, top financial investment advisers and well-known investors in block chain industries, and more. They are backed by the resources support of companies listed on Hong Kong, the United States and Australia motherboards.

Molecular Future APP provides three major product sectors:

  • FundsCurrent Fund, ETF, CTA, Hedge Funds and Quantitative Funds for you to choose, meet all you need in the Crypto world;
  • Cryptocurrency pledgeEasy cryptocurrency mortgage. includes Lending and Borrowing;
  • Molecular FissionEnjoy daily dividends when you hold MOF, MOF can be used for financial management, mortgage section discount handling fee;


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Investment products based on digital currency

One-click diversified investment digital assets, including but not limited to various digital currencies, digital currencyhedging, digital currency arbitraging, digital currency crowdfinancing and digital currencyquantitative transactions.

Professional institutions market software

Institutional professional analysis software which provides functions, such as real-time monitoring of market trends, data integration, information gathering, professional analysis, transaction simulation and early warning.

Archiving and rating of global projects

Database of global chain-related projects: entry of eligible project data, professional analysis rating reports, investor experience feedback, score ranking, project prewarning and blacklist.

Construction of information media community

The most comprehensive information media community which includes professional information sector, special column for money market practitioners, user investment experience exchange area, investment following area and rewards interaction.

Decentralized application of ecology

Combined with complete ecological support, start-up companies that hundreds of funds have invested in will gradually march into CTD field through Molecular Future at the appropriate time. Molecular Future Foundation will participate in supporting and jointly entering the investment industry at early stage.

Getting rid of Blockchain based operation

Distributed sharing of accounting technology and the system of mutual cooperation and the whole network accounting are conducive to the construction of universal credit system; consensus algorithm is used to transparently record and verify all transaction records, and mathematical algorithm is used to replace the intermediary agencies. Compared to the traditional centralized approaches, the disputes and time wasted are reduced.

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Jayden Wei

CEO / Chief Executive Officer

Jayden is an experienced fund manager with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Jayden has extensive experience in technological investments and has been an avid investor in seed-stage technological start-ups. He runs his own start-up incubator and is also the manager of Australia’s first blockchain venture capital fund. Jayden is deeply passionate about digital technology, he hopes to continue to develop and invest in technological projects with the aim of improving society through better use of technological resources. This has led him to become an early investor in the blockchain industry; he believes that blockchain technology will revolutionise the digital economy while also making considerable impact on the traditional economy which still faces issues regarding privacy, transparency and efficiency.

Ryan XU

Honorary chairman of the foundation

Over 7 years’ experience in fintech. Investor in bitcoin mining and other related projects. Initiatives include the Melbourne Bitcoin Technology Centre , Bitcoin Boulevard Australia and Bitcoin Buskers Awarded “Blockchain opinion leader” in 2016.

Grigorij Richters

CMO/Chief Marketing Officer

Grigorij will lead global marketing operations and product marketing in the Molecular Future Team. He has years of practical experience in the field of scientific and technological innovations. Grigorij is also a co-founder of United Nations Asteroid Day together with Stephen Hawking and QUEEN guitarist Brian May. During his previous tenure at Vodafone, Blocks United and other well-known large corporations, Grigorij was responsible for managing B2B relationships and has established good business relationships with many of the leaders of Fortune 500 companies. He is a go-getter and business opportunist who has amassed a wealth of experience in the Euro-American marketing and public relations space.


Jayden Wei

Grigorij Richters

Ryan XU

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Steve Liu

Well-known angel investor

Mr. Liu Xiaoying is one of the most outstanding entrepreneurs and angel investors in China. Among top 500 in China Hurun Rich List, he founded the Fortune Group in 1993, which, under his leadership, became Nokia’s first exclusive distributor in China. Fortune Group was successfully listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2000, and ranked sixth among China’s top 100 science and technology companies in 2003. In 2011, Mr. Liu Xiaoying entered angel investment field and founded Eagle Fund. As of 2017, his fund has invested more than 300 start-ups in the Internet and hi-tech fields. Mr. Liu Xiaoying has won titles of "2015 and 2016 China’s Most Active Angel Investors", China’s Top Ten Young Investors, Shanghai Top Ten Angel Investors, etc.

Dr. Hou

Vice president of Credit Suisse

Dr. Hou Zhenji is a PhD graduate in Management from Nanjing University. He has received a bachelor’s degree from the University of New South Wales and a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Manchester. He is now acting as vice president of Private Banking Department at Credit Suisse.

John Ho

Partner of HBCC, TenplusVC and Clouds Brain Fund

TenplusVC partner. Clouds Brain Fund partner. Former global VP of VerSign / General Manager China (Nasdaq: VRSN), former VP Group (Nasdaq: GRPN), former senior VP of AsiaInfo Technology (code: ASIA). He helped Internet backbone providers connect all provinces and cities in China. Before 1997 Return of Hong Kong since connection of China Internet backbone providers, he managed the 14m + Internet top-level domain .com and .net in the Greater China region, and participated in the several-for-one interview with UCLA EMBA (scholar) from Dallas University of Texas in CCTV regarding cloud computing, artificial intelligence, large data and IOT.

Cao Yin

Co-founder of Energy Blockchain Laboratory

Mr. Cao Yin is a co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Energy Block Chain Laboratory, which is the world’s first to focus on energy and green finance application based on Blockchain technology. He is also the chief expert of China Cinda Securities Blockchain, which is China’s Cinda IBD that is the largest financial asset management company in China. Cao is the founder and president of China Digital Chamber of Commerce which is a trade association for digital asset industry. His mission is to promote the acceptance and use of digital assets and Blockchain technology, through education, promotion and in close cooperation with policy makers,regulators and industrial insiders. Mr. Cao Yin is one of the earliest supporters in China for the energy Internet concept. He was involved in the development of China’s energy internet definition and has participated in the development and promotion of the China’s energy action plan as a leader of a task group. Mr. Cao has written several books, including Development of Energy Internet, Introduction to Energy Internet, as well as Mr. Ma Huateng who wrote Internet +: National Strategic Action Roadmap and chairman of Tencent Group. Cao is a member of the ninth e-resident e-estonia project in China, and has assisted the Estonian government in promoting the digital national action plan and designing estcoin program.

Ryan Xu

Blockchain industry continuous entrepreneur and Well-known investor

He is a co-founder of Australia Blockchain International (NASDAQ: BTCS). Blockchain International (BCG) owns Australia’s largest digital asset trading platform ACX and is the largest shareholder of the first Blockchain main board listed company Digital CC (ASX: DCC). Its scope of business covers Blockchain strategic consulting, Blockchain cloud computing, Blockchain asset transactions, Blockchain project incubator, etc. He is a founder of Australian FRM Capital, which owns the world’s first government-approved Blockchain venture license, and invests in all Blockchain sectors. As the lead underwriter of the world’s leading ICO program, it completes issuance of a number of star projects; business scope covers Blockchain asset investment advisory, and issuance and underwriting of Blockchain venture capital funds, Blockchain project.

Barry Li

Founder of XBTING Foundation

Li Boji is the recipient of Economics and Psychology in UBC University in Canada, and chairman of XBTING Foundation. He is a continuous entrepreneur for many years and mainly engaged in Blockchain project investment. Since 2013, he began to contact bit currency and has participated in early investment of several star projects. In 2016, he initiated 20 million angle funds to set up the XBTING FOUNDATION, which mainly focuses on arbitraging, hedging, equity investment, project incubating, etc. In 2016, the foundation generated an annual profit of more than 10 million, and in 2017, cooperated with a number of venture capital institutions to jointly set up a special Blockchain investment fund.

Dou Wang

Founder of JIC capital

Wang Dou, founder of geek capital, block chain robot inventor. Technical geeks, community operations experts. For more than ten years as a director of high-tech companies in IBM, Motorola, Hewlett-Packard and Silicon Valley. Residing in Canada in 2013, teaching Internet technology and digital currency in Canada. In a number of countries and regions in the world have a large number of users and students. 2015 Developed chat robot in Silicon Valley. In 2016, China participated in the operation of high-end entrepreneurial community, with more than 1.52 million members, helping domestic enterprises complete the Internet + upgrade. In 2017, he participated in several digital currency projects such as SWFTC, Genaro, MDT, ITC and PRO.

Steve Liu

Dr. Hou

John Ho

Cao Yin

Ryan Xu

Barry Li

Wang Dou

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2017-2018 › › › › 2019 › › › › 2020-2021

  • December 2017

    Completion of technical support and operational support for Molecular Future’s online launch

  • January 2018

    The Molecular Future token MOF is officially launched.

  • April 2018

    Beta V1.1 of the Molecular Future platform was launched. Completion of basic PC version of platform. XBTING Foundation has joined the platform. Launched the new Ethereum Innovation Fund (Beginners’ 7 Day Introduction), fixed deposit and regular deposits as part of MOF’s wealth management products.

  • May 2018

    Beta V2.0 of the Molecular Future platform was launched. The XBTING Foundation introduced hedge fund products. Optimised user experience on Molecular Future’s official website. Development of an APP version of the platform.

  • June 2018

    The Molecular Future APP V1.0 is launched; it includes MOF Asset Management and MOF Lending.

  • July 2018

    Started the development and upgrade of the Octahedron Practical Byzantine fault-tolerant algorithm and began the design and creation of Molecular Future’s domains and super tribes.

  • August 2018

    The official version of Molecular Future APP is launched. A Molecular Future Mascot was added; its role is to share news and assist users with project due diligence. Index market charts were added, Rating system for incubating projects was added.

  • October 2018

    Began to carry out technical updates and user experience optimization for the Molecular Future app.

  • March 2019

    Molecular Future’s app V2.2 version is launched, upgrades include depth optimization in the asset management section, as well as upgrades for KYC certification.

  • May 2019

    The Molecular Future’s app V2.3 is launched, further upgrades to KYC certification and updates of the asset management section.

  • June 2019

    Molecular Future app officially launched three hedge fund wealth management products.

  • September 2019

    First MVP of the Octahedron Practical Byzantine fault tolerance algorithm has been completed.

  • January 2020

    Published a new version of the Molecular Future white paper 2.0

  • March 2020

    The APP launches a new version of MOF Lending which removed limits for lending amounts. Retail users can also participate in MOF Lending now.

  • May 2020

    Complete the first instalment of Molecular Future domains and super tribes.

  • July 2020(Plan)

    Integration of the Octahedron Practical Byzantine Fault-tolerant algorithm in the design of Molecular Future’s domain system and complete the development of Molecular Future’s consensus protocol.

  • October 2020(Plan)

    Start the upgrade of Molecular Future’s public chain MOS. Start the integration of governance with MOF and MOS

  • March 2021(Plan)

    Complete testing of public chain which enables the original MOF main chain to be migrated to the MOS public chain.

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